The Do’s and Don’ts of Home Repair

By handymancan

November 9, 2009

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I have been in the housing business for over 30 years in some sort of fashion, the majority of which has been in Texas (the last 16 years here Houston Texas.)  The most common mistake made by the homeowner is under-estimating the job in both time and money. When you sit down and watch the DIY Channel or the Extreme Home Make-over shows, we all tend to forget how much of the process is left on the film editor’s floor. A kitchen remodel done in one hour… come on.  The next mistake is under-estimating our own talent because it looked so easy on TV.

The ability to estimate time and cost and also the TALENT needed to complete the job is done a couple of ways.  One is by trial and error (and hopefully not too many errors) or by hiring someone with more experience to give you a hand from the planning process to the finished project.

When repairing household issues, remember that it is far more costly to ignore issues than to correct them.  More damage is done by not fixing the problem or by doing less than acceptable repairs.   Shoddy work and materials only equals short term results with long term costs.

Remodeling.   Sounds fairly easy right?  As a builder, remodeler and refurbisher all I can tell you is that I would rather start with a clear tablet and begin to create. The tear out can be more work than the project itself. Always remember that all your wet areas (bathrooms, kitchens, utility areas etc) are the most expensive areas to maintain and remodel. It’s the “oh no” factor. You really don’t know what you are up against until its too late. Such as moving sinks that entails not only moving the hot and cold water but the drain system as well.

As I continue to update my blog and post past project pictures of all types I will try to add the “Good News” (what went right with the project) and the “Bad News” (where we learned that we may have done differently) with each project. Such as time that was not accounted for initially or cost overruns and cost-savings.  Enjoy my tips and look at my pics. We are usually only limited to our imagination and budgets.  My talents are mostly God given, time tested and years of practice. You too can hire me to work for you.

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